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VVineyard Expansion takes planning and preparation.  The right location has to be considered for its soil, drainage, exposure to sunlight and wind direction.  Grapes have been grown by humans since 6,000 BC, that’s over 8,000 years ago!  Grapes can grow in many conditions but good wines require great soils.  In 2021-2022, the Rubiano Vineyard is adding 1,000 new vines from California.  Camminare Noir, which is a early blooming and early ripening Petite Sirah, and Errante Noir- a Cabernet Sauvignon blend are the two new grapes being introduced to the vineyard.  They are expected to produce the first vintage in 2024 so keep your eye out for these new varietals to the Rio Grande Valley.  

These new grapes give the winery another degree of flexibility by adding to the varietal collection of estate wines.  This will allow us to expand from the 6 current wines to 9 total wines to share with you.

Site Selection 

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Nature will control your time and schedule, not you or even time itself.  A grape will be tell you when to harvest it if you listen.  Grapes wait for no man as the sun, rain and sweetness lets you know when its appropriate to harvest.

Getting a site ready takes patience and effort- do not be in a hurry and keep the final product in mind.  A clear plan can yield good grapes for a great wine. 


The trellis system is the infrastructure for your vines, this is how they will grow and produce grapes.  Orientation to the sun and wind will keep them happy and dry, free of potential disease and damage.  The southern winds of the Rio Grande Valley keep the grapes dry and fresh throughout their growing season.  The strong sun grapes love manages the moisture and water content to drive the sugar content of the grapes.  Sugar will one day become the alcohol in the wine we love!  The higher the sugar, the better the wine.   

Through the yearly growing season, early planning during construction will make it easier to manage the vineyard and focus on the grapes as they mature.  

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