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Our Latest Vineyard Additions!

Rubiano Vineyard  is adding two new varietals in 2022.  With three strong grapes already in the ground and producing annual tonnage, we felt it was time to add to our repertoire!  So in 2022 we ordered hundreds of new vines from California to expand our estate wines.  Help us welcome Camminare Nior and Errante Noir to our vineyard.  We will be planting them in February of this year (2022) and expect them to start producing as early as 2024.

Camminare Noir and Errante Noir are both a game changer for Texas Vineyards because of the Viniferus species they add to the wine pallet of Texas. 

Dr. Andrew Walker, PhD University of California, Davis

Over the winter of 2021-2022, we added several acres of trellis systems to welcome our delivery of California vines.  Developed by University of California, Davis researchers the grapes are specifically created to perform well in our Texas environment with strong production. They will have to do very well to keep up with their cousins already in the ground- some of our current vines produce over 30 pounds per vine in only their second year!

Camminare Noir

The first new vine, Camminare Noir is a Petite Sirah with an early bloom, medium clusters and early harvest expected to be harvested sometime in early August much like the Lennoir in our vineyard.   Petite Sirah also known as Durif in some International markets.  It is well known as a spicy, medium body plummy grape.  We anticipate to use this grape to make a light, flavorful, medium-bodied summer red wine.  

Our plantings will begin in February of 2022 and you are welcome to come visit them in their first couple of years of development.  

Errante Noir

Errante Noir is a Sylvaner – Cabernet Sauvignon blend.  Fully-bodied with large clusters as a late bloomer. This vine could become the last grape to harvest each year, stretching into September.  As a Cab, it has the makings of our most serious wine and we look forward to fencing our collection with this amazing new vine.

The grape size is larger thans its cousins and this vine is a more vigorous producer.  We are excited to see if it will compete with the work horse of Texas red grapes- Black Spanish and see what blends with we can create with this Texas grape.  

We envision this Cabernet blend will be a significant addition to our wines.  Cannot wait to share it with you all. 

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